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With the Musicians Gap Year program, you’ll do more than just fill in the blank. 

You’ll train yourself to be a mature disciple and to play skillfully in a variety of settings.

Enjoy songwriting  and want to serve Christ? 

The first phase of the gap year will gather musicians together to live out practical principles of the Christian faith.  Your understanding of a global Biblical worldview will dramatically increase and  as you experience how God moves in the nations of the world. 

Students will have the opportunity to hear from seasoned missionaries and international Christian leaders each week with topics such as; Hearing God's Voice, Intercession, Nature & Character of God, Inductive Bible Study, Biblical World View, Father Heart of God, Identity & Destiny, Teamwork & World Missions.

Community living will help you develop personal character, as you live, create and play with students from many nations.  Your habit of daily relying on the Holy Spirit and your desire to impart God’s love for the Nations will expand.

Discipleship Training — 12-14 Weeks

Grab your passport and LET'S GO!  Head knowlege is good. But it’s when you live out the truth, it really starts to sink in. In the Discipleship Training School outreach phase, you’ll get the opportunity to take what you’ve  learned and apply it in the mission field.

Opportunities are endless but include experiences such as working with at-risk children in music, evangelism, acts of mercy,  justice ministries, construction, and general service just to name a few.

 This year, teams will be going to either Japan, the Philippines, Kenya, and Tanzania.  The final decision of which nation you will travel to occurs about six weeks into phase one as the outreach teams are formed.

Come join us as we pursue the Lord and believe for the transformation of the nations. Let’s make Jesus famous!

Outreach — 8-12 weeks

Enter university having read the Bible with your team. The last phase of the journey is the Discipleship Bible School.  This 12 week section takes you on an intimate journey into the powerful story of God's redemptive plan through a series of lectures, small groups & discussions. 

Guest lecturers lead the exploration, book-by-book, covering  all 66 books of the Bible. And our staff, who are passionate about God’s word and discipleship, help you grow in your personal understanding of the Bible.

By the time you finish, you will be able to say that you have read the whole Bible, cover to cover. But not just read it, but truly studied it and grew in  your understanding of God.

Bible Intensive — 12 Weeks

Real students. Real learning.

Check out what our student musicians have to say about the Musicians Gap Year...

"Doing life with this community showed me the love and acceptance of Jesus in a way I had never encountered before."  

- Ciara Darkangelo

Jake Ressler

Mature Disciples, Quality Musicanship

Discover your voice and explore Richmond.

of  students who take a gap year improve their academics compared to students who didn’t partake in a gap year.*

Serve during your international outreah.

Make lifelong friendships.

What is a gap year?


A gap year is a year’s break, aimed at promoting a mature outlook with which to absorb the benefits of higher education. Gap years are aimed to revive interests, spark enlightenment, explore boundaries and embrace a zest for life.

of  students who take a gap year improve their academics compared to students who didn’t partake in a gap year.*

Musicians Making Jesus Famous

Learn the biblical foundation, philosophies and blessings that are associated with playing for the Lord.   Musicanship topics include; music theory, band dynamics, skill development, song writing & musicianship.


• Hearing God’s Voice
• Intercession
• Biblical  Physical Fitness
• Nature & Character
   of God
• Father Heart of God
• Global Missions


• Biblical Worldview
• Evangelism
• Teambuilding
• Relationships
• Identity & Destiny


• How to share your faith

• Relevant Evangelism
• Mercy Ministry & Service
• Global Missions
• God's Heart for the Nations


• Worldview & Origins
• The Pentateuch
• The Tribal Era
• The Life of David

• The Kings of Israel

• The Prophets

• Post Exilic/Inter-testamental

•  Jesus and The Church

•  The Life of Paul

•  The Writings of John

In our live, learn environment, your team will adventure to either Tanzania, Kenya, the Philippines or Japan.   

Gap Year tuition is $8,500 and includes...


DSP 211-Lecture Phase

Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Training School

Discipleship Bible School

DSP 212-Outreach phase

CHR 227-Bible Intensive


*Plane ticket and visa fees additional


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