Hey everybody!

Hope all is well! We just finished our third week of outreach in Angola. We can’t believe we only have four more weeks left! It has been a really awesome outreach so far and I expect even greater things to happen in the second half of our trip.

This week has been a very fun and exciting week. Every day we had a ministry time on the beach, where we played games with the teens and the youth group from the local church. Some of the games we played included wheel-barrow races, freeze tag, ninja, musical chairs, and a local favorite: soccer. We had an amazing time with the children. After each game we sat down in a big circle and showed them how we can relate all of the games to our walk with Christ. We also were able to share some of our testimonies with the young people. We were amazed to see how involved they were with the debrief time. It made for 4 great days of fun fellowship on the beach.

During this time at the beach, we had three or four people each day going to another church to teach English. They were able to make so much progress that most of the students are now able to say the alphabet, count to twenty, and if that isn’t impressive enough, they can name almost every body part! Teaching English has become a very successful and useful tool to create a platform for ministry! The English students are talking to their friends and bringing people who wouldn’t normally come to the church. What a blessing!

On Saturday, one of our team members donated $100 of their personal money to go toward the construction of one of the two churches we attend here. Our team as a whole matched his donation. We had a really great opportunity to work with the youth as they began to cover the churches walls with cement. The guys and I were able to see just how difficult making cement was without machines. We were only able to cover one of the four walls with the money that we had to offer. They were very excited to see that their church is becoming more than just cinder blocks. We ask that you would consider donating financially so we can continue blessing this church. It was amazing what we were able to accomplish with just our $200!

This coming week, we are going to be painting two classrooms in our home church here in Sumbe. This has become a tradition for our DTS Outreaches to Angola. Each year the team paints a different part of the church. We will be purchasing all the paint and supplies with our own funds. All the brushes, tarps and any other tools we need will be used as a donation to bless this church.

Some prayer request are for health, finances, and as always hearts to be opened to hear and see what our team is doing here!

God bless,

Jake McKenzie