These are some pictures from our first day and church service here in Angola. [pictures posted in the “Gallery”]. Our team performed a drama and everybody enjoyed seeing them.

We brought from USA a keyboard to bless the church worship team, a Brazilian family offering it for them. In this service also the members of the church gave us an offering: food, gifts and money. They offered more than 400 dollars. It was amazing to see these poor people give us with joy what we can call the widow’s offering.

I preached and after that the team prayed for the people. We went to the beach and the guys were having an amazing time there… they really enjoyed to be there. Every morning they are going to beach to do calisthenics. We are inviting the church’s members to join us.

I know my English is not good enough, but until Lori comes we are trying to do our best. Please Lori come soon! We miss you!

In Jesus Love,