The sky was gray and overcast, the sun making little effort to be seen through the heavy clouds. A slight breeze blew, shaking the heavy limbs of the trees and making the few remaining leaves quiver. Ducks floated by, allowing the quick moving current of the James River to carry them downstream. It was not the kind of day that most people would choose to spend in the park, and certainly not the kind that would prompt them to wade into the frigid waters of the James. But on this day eleven DTS students did just that. Following the example set by Jesus, publicly declaring their faith in, and obedience to, God, they submitted to baptism.

Jake Ressler, one of this semester’s Sports and Fitness DTS students, felt God call him to do a DTS while considering his next step. Ready to be completely separated from his past, Jake decided to be baptized. For him baptism was a way to show that “I’m fully committed to God, ready to die to self and live completely for Him.”

God honors our acts of obedience, and loves when we place our trust in Him. We are so excited about what God is doing in the lives of the DTS students, and so proud of these eleven for braving the cold waters and publicly declaring their decision to follow Jesus.