Buenos Dias!
Here in Pichilemu Chile it is a beautiful morning and shortly we will be headed out to Espinillo to work. Espinillo is a rural town of about 40 people about an hour’s drive on mostly dirt roads from Pichilemu. This where we have been working on building 4 houses alongside some local pastors and other relief teams. The 4 houses are in different stages of completion with 2 almost finished, one under roof, and one framed. The people we are building for had their old adobe brick homes destroyed by the earthquake. It is estimated that there are still around 400 destroyed homes that have yet to be rebuilt or even touched in the countryside surrounding Pichilemu. Which means at least 400 families are sleeping outside in tents with the cold and rainy winter season rapidly approaching.
Everywhere we go, we hear the stories of the people who lived through this experience. One of the ladies we are building for was able to get out of her house with her daughter just minutes before the roof collapsed onto the bed where they had been sleeping. Others were knocked to the floor unable to move because of the strength of the tremors. Still others know whole families that died. My heart breaks for these people. Please pray for healing among the people of Chile.

Pray also for:

* Building materials and money for the materials needed.
* Unity between the various leaders of relief projects through YWAM
* The people of rural Chile

Dios te Bendiga!
Kim, Dale, and the rest of the IMPACT team