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Millions of people don’t have access to the Word of God. We have a plan to produce and distribute the Bible in every language for every people group until every nation is transformed by the Word. We believe that everyone in the Kingdom of God has a role in ending Bible poverty and our goal is help you find your place.
Following DBS lecture phase many join our “End Bible Poverty Now” outreaches.

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DBS Teaching Topics Include:

  • Worldview & Origins
  • Pentateuch
  • Tribal Era
  • Life of David
  • Kings of Israel
  • Prophets
  • Post-Exilic Period
  • Jesus
  • Early Church
  • Life of Paul
  • Books of John

A Journey in the Story of God

Being a Christian means to be identified as a follower of Christ. How better to know Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit than to commit to studying the Word?

Have you ever wondered why we still have the Old Testament? Does the Law mean anything to us today? Why does the modern world need the Bible? Have you ever felt downright bored reading the Bible but feel like you should get something more from it? And why does God seem angry in the Old Testament but loving in the New Testament?

In DBS we want to help you grow in both your knowledge and understanding of God and His Word, to answer these questions and more.  In DBS we learn together through lectures, small groups & discussions. We invite speakers that teach on all 66 books of the Bible. And our staff, who are passionate about God’s Word & Discipleship, help you grow in understand of the Bible. By the time you finish DBS you will be able to say that you have read the whole Bible, cover to cover. But not just read it, studied it and grew in it. Come and let’s get to know God together through His Written Word!

Upcoming Dates :

March 30th – July 1st, 2022

Pricing :

$3,500 for full 13-week course

At YWAM Richmond, we train followers of Jesus to listen to God’s voice so that they become world changers. As a community we live, worship, pray, share the Gospel, serve and study together as we launch new expressions of ministry. We are a community that deeply values the Word of God, discipleship, and development of leaders. Our staff serve in various ways all across the city. We also believe the Lord is calling YWAM Richmond to be an apostolic sending location into the nations. We desire to see and develop Christian communities all over the world. Through relational investment with people in their day to day lives, we believe that transformation will come to the nations through the power of the Gospel! Join the movement as we give ourselves to the Knowing God and Making Him Known throughout the world!

For more information regarding the DBS Curriculum, Assignments and general information, go to the DBS International website :

Real Spirit. Real Truth .

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The DBS is a school full of fun, teamwork and passion for Jesus.
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