And we’re off…

Finally! The much anticipated, much discussed, much prayed about DTS outreach to Angola began with us packing (cramming is probably a more accurate description) our bags into the vehicles and waving goodbye to those who came to see us off. We are so grateful for our friends at the Richmond base who have loved and encouraged us these past few months. Thank you to all of you for coming to see us off and for the prayers, hugs and words of encouragement. And yes, for the help you gave us in getting all those bags into the car!

We will begin our outreach phase in Newark, New Jersey working with a wonderful Brazilian church for several days before leaving for Angola on Christmas Eve. We are fairly certain most of the populace on the East Coast were also driving from Richmond to New Jersey…we were stuck in traffic a good portion of the trip. But to quote one of our favorite phrases: “Thank the Jesus” we arrived safely, ahead of the snow. Reports from back home in Richmond are that we missed out on 11” of snow that started falling right after we left.

We made it to Newark hungry but in good spirits. We were fed like kings and queens and all slept well in our hosts’ homes. The hospitality we have been shown here is truly incredible. We woke up this morning eager to see what God has for us today. Please check back often…we want you to enjoy the adventure with us!