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Improve your English Language Skills

 in a missions-focused environment getting the skills you need to learn other languages as you improve your English Language fluency.

Do you know English language learning is one of the main pre-requisites to be able reach the unreached world? In order to learn the local language many times you will need to be inserted in an international community and you will need to be able to communicate through English first.

“The Creator gave us the gift of language because he loved us – love includes communication, and the communication of great ideas require great languages.” 

Vishal Mangawadi

Is God calling you to reach the unreached world? Do you need to get fluent in English for ministry? Do you need to improve your cross-cultural skills and learn other languages? Then this course is for you. 

Our goal is to see people thrive as they enter the field, so that they can have less hindrances and better use their time, have quality of life and meaningful relationships and last… 

You will have teachers that have learned English as a Second Languageare fluent at it, and have thrived in closed nations.


This course is registered with the University of the Nations School of Humanities and International Studies (HMT 041)


Course Dates: April 1-July 19, 2020

Course Cost: $3,500

Course Objectives:

• During this course you will have a genuine experience in our international campus.  You will be living in a multi-ethnic city and serve refugees and other communities around, sharing the love of Jesus in a very practical way. You will be able to improve your English and learn specific vocabulary and culture by being immersed in an atmosphere of Christian life, visiting homes and attending local churche and be part of small group activities.
• You will be able to develop skills for language learning acquisition, learn basic phonetic skills, different language learning methods, 3 different alphabets (IPA, Cyrillic, Arabic).
• You will be able to give your testimony in English and memorize 10 verse Bible Stories by heart.

• Your will develop basic skills to be able to communicate with where you want to go and what to do to get there, and how Y works in different countries. How to build projects that last, and how and who to communicate in the field.

Topics Include:

Course Contents 

❖ Vocabulary
❖ Personality
❖ Characteristics
❖ Feelings
❖ Christian/ Bible English
❖ Education
❖ Business English
❖ Customer Care
❖ Jobs, Phone conversation,
❖ Food and Drink
❖ Entertainment
❖ Media
❖ LifeStyle
❖ Travel
❖ Sports
❖ Global Issues/ Politics
❖ Phonetics and Pronunciation
❖ Grammar

Learn English. Learn Missions.

Resources :

• Bible
• All Nations Dictionary
• Handouts
• Essential, Intermediate and Advanced Grammar in Use (Cambridge University Press)
• The English File  (Text Book and Work book by Oxford University Press)
• Oxford Advanced Learners English Dictionary

Cross-cultural Skills –

❖ What is Culture? Hot>< Cold Cultures
❖ Understanding Other Faiths
❖ Hospitality
❖ Cross-cultural Communication
❖ Cultural Shock: Overcoming Hurdles
❖ Relationships
❖ Business As A Mission

❖ Working Among Neighbors


• Washington DC
• Richmond
• Colonial Williamsburg
• Virginia Beach

Outreach Possibilities –

Outreach/ Field Placement
• America (Refugee communities)
• Central Asia


Check out what life is like in the English for Missions Course