This week has been a very good week. We have been more than blessed.

All week we have been blessed to be involved with the International Missions Conference here in Sumbe. We, along with the amazing team of Brazilians preached, performed dramas, and worshiped in many different languages. We were joined by not only the Brazil team, but also many other churches and many other worship teams from around the city. This made a very exciting and diverse melting pot. We were absolutely amazed to see that they were so excited to celebrate and pray for not only their nation, but also ours. The students have really been involved with the children. They are very much enjoying playing games and joking around. The students are learning how God’s love does not have to be expressed by spoken language.

Our team has had a great opportunity to work with the missionaries from Brazil for the last 3 weeks and it is very sad to see them leave tomorrow. They have been such great influences to our team and have taught our entire team about what Christ’s love physically looks like. From the first day we met each other, they made the decision to love us, by hugging and kissing us. We immediately felt like we had known them our whole lives! Last night, their whole team of 19 came and surprised us with singing and cake to say their goodbyes. We all sang and danced together in fellowship. We gave them many words of encouragement and let them know how inspiring and influential they had been for us.

We are excited to see what our team is capable of in the next two weeks. I am proud and excited to say that we are not slowing down because the end of our trip is here, but the reality is quite the opposite. We are running at full speed and we have no signs of slowing down!