Yesterday (Jan 2) in our community prayer walk we were able to meet the local civic association leader, and at the same time Naara met a young boy named David. She used the moment to tell David and his family the story of David and Goliath. The mother immediately started to cry and she said she needed God to help her with her ”giants”. We had a great time of prayer with her and others in the community. We were also able to announce our first evangelism service for this Saturday night (to be held in their normal meeting space….the dirt area in front of a specific home.) By the way, Rubens tells us that 0% of our neighborhood are “really” Christian. Today we are focusing on helping with base projects: general clean up of the grounds (from trash, large brush, and fallen trees) and building a concrete wall for security around the base. Our tools are very simple, and the heat is more than most of us have ever experienced. For example: it was 92 degrees at 10:30pm in my room and 87 at 5:45 this morning. Surprisingly, we haven’t had any rain thus far.