The harvest field is ripe, but the workers are few. Normal, everyday Christians from all over the US are eager to engage the world for Christ, but often lack the support and resources to make a difference.


Did you know that Christianity is the largest religious group in the world and yet so many nations have yet to meet Jesus? People groups around the world are facing challenges—like limited access to clean water and sustainable food supplies, and under-resourced schools—without knowing the hope that Jesus offers. And while some desire to “go into all the world,” they often lack the support and resources to make a positive and lasting impact.

All it takes is one man or woman to say "Send Me" to the Lord. We want to inspire those individuals, train and equip them, and send them in teams to see the lost receive the physical and spiritual mercy of Jesus! Through committed and equipped Christians who are willing to give generously, we will see both practical and spiritual transformation in communities around the world, seeing the kingdom of God come to the earth.


Double the number of missionaries to 100 in the next 2 years

Partner with 50 local churches for outreach trips

Execute 10 Special Projects (e.g. Pantanal Water Project)

Run 2 DTS sessions each year

Jake Ressler

“Doing life with this community showed me the love and acceptance of Jesus in a way I had never encountered before.”- Ciara Darkangelo


We are raising $25,000 and seeking 75 volunteers to support Global Reach. Rally with us to make these initiatives happen:

  • 20 new people to join outreach trips 
  • 20 new people to engage their church with this cause (Church Advocates)
  • 35 new people to invite at least 3 people to give to this cause (Donor Advocates)

  • $10,000 Support building projects around the world
  • $15,000 Support short-term outreaches around the world

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