We are coming off of an incredible week in PA where God’s provision showed up in a way that blessed our socks off. The people of United Zion were super nice and it was a joy to be there and have the opportunity to serve them. We had about 20-35 kids there on a daily basis aging from 12-17. We played games with them everyday and had the privilege to teach various topics that we learned in the lecture phase of the dts. It was amazing to see the youth respond to the teaching and break up into small groups and put into action what we were teaching them. They prayed for each other and shared with one another what God was saying. At the end of the week, the total amount of the offering was enough to send everyone to the London outreach ($5700). They were really glad we were there and told us that they had never had a team that willing to serve as much as we did. (you would have been proud)

The first week of London has been a success as well. There is so much going on with the Olympics being held in London that this base is literally a madhouse. They are extremely thankful that we arrived as early as we did to help in preparation for all that is taking place. We have been doing anything they need in order to accomodate around 1000 people during the course of the Olympics. Our days have been filled with a number of work duties, help with hospitality, kitchen prep, and meal clean-up. We keep hearing over and over, “thank God for the Virginia team being here to help.” We are looking forward to the launch of Forever 2012 where we will have the opportunity to flood the streets of London with the Gospel at various venues where the Olympics are being held.

We miss you and look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the base in August. Until then, we will keep being Radical Servants and invade the streets of London with the best news anyone has to offer!!!