Hello Chris and greetings from the dts outreach team. It has been another amazing week filled with opportunities to serve the YWAM Harpenden base. With Go for Glory ending in a huge success and Forever 2012 kicking off today the buzz here at the base has been electric. The team has been helping the Harpenden staff facilitate several hundreds of guests and participants. Our jobs have included but have not been limited to kitchen duties, bathroom and toilet detail, tent assembly and take-down, trash, and painting. We have built some great relationships with the Harpenden Staff and they have said over and over how greatful they are to have had our help. They are quite saddened today as we begin our Olympic outreach today, Forever 2012, and will no longer be working alongside them. As we transition into more of the evangelistic portion of the outreach, our team is extremely excited. We have registration today followed by Orientation tonight. We will have more of an idea as to what the schedule will look like after the forementioned sessions. We do know that we will be partnered with a local London Church and invading the streets of London with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The weather has been soooooo much better and we anticipate and expect God to do amazing things during Forever 2012. What an incredible opportunity we have to reach any and all nations of the world as they are represented during the Olympic games. We believe that God will set some divine appointments to meet people of great influence. As we share God’s love with them our hope and prayer is they go back to their respective nations with a passion to infect their nation with that same love.