Delivering Clean Drinking Water & Pure Living Water

Ever wish that you could physically save someone’s life? 

As believers in Jesus, God not only wants us to do this, but created us to do it.   The great commission basically says, “Go, and Change the World”.   The PANTANAL WATER PROJECT gives individuals this chance.  Delivering sustainable clean drinking water is a real & felt need of the inhabitants of the Pantanal (Portuguese for swamp).  Water born pathogens have led to many health complications in the region, including remarkably high infant mortality rates.    

At 81,000 square miles, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetlands.  The Pantanal is one of the most pristine and biologically rich environments on the planet.  The Pantanal is sparsely populated with somewhere between 30,000 and 300,000 inhabitants, (depending on how the Pantanal is delineated and which population centers are included.) 

It is one of the richest areas for biodiversity in the world, with some 3,500 species of plant, 565 species of bird, 325 species of fish, 159 species of mammal and 98 species of reptile. It is home to the jaguar, the hyacinth macaw, the giant river otter, the anaconda, & the South American tapir.

As the culture of the Pantanal revolves around water we are focusing on a subject that is dear to the inhabitant’s hearts.   The delivery of sustainable clean drinking water opens the door for great conversations about God’s love for people and nature.   Practically, it immediately provides physical aid in reducing illnesses acquired from water born pathogens.  This is our mission:  We aim to share the living water of Jesus Christ through the delivery of sustainable clean drinking water & medical assistance to homes in the Pantanal region of Brazil. 


WHAT WE ARE DOING: Bringing sustainable clean drinking water to households of the Pantanal region. To date the PWP has  built and installed over 600 household water filters. We also support the construction of a new missions base, communicate the love of Christ via the Jesus Film & audio Bibles and we have prayed  for individuals to be healed physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally.

The Need

  • Short Term Church MissionTeams
  • Construction
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Civil Engineering
  • Medical
  • Dental

Trip Details

  • Next trip Summer of 2020
  • Brasilian 30 day visa:  FREE

Clean Water. Pure Hearts.

Check out what God is doing in the largest wetlands of the world

YWAM VA and Commonwealth Chapel sent a group of missionaries to Brazil to install water filters and bring the living water of Jesus Christ to the Pantanal. Heather shares about her experience on the trip and how God changed our plans in UNIMAGINABLE ways.
Giving the gift of clean water ripples out into a much larger scale than an individual. Here are some statistics on the impact that contaminated water has on people and how we can help spread hope through providing clean water!