We have a vision where all lives are God-filled. Reach the Beach is leading the way to empower the Virginia Beach community through worship and discipleship. You're an integral part in this movement. JOIN US.


Did you know that 70% of young people leave the church by their 20’s? Virginia Beach has been ranked the #1 city for millennials in the nation, which means there is an incredible opportunity to show them what the Church really is. This will not be easy; one of the things we have identified as a current cultural dynamic of the city is the prevalence of witchcraft and New Age activity.

YWAM is known for mass training and Discipleship. We will run discipleship programs to meet these needs, while serving in the city through prayer and the worship of Jesus in all things. We will come alongside other churches and ministries in the area to restore a generation to Jesus and grow the Church.


Establish a 5-month discipleship program (Origins DTS) to begin in January 2020

Lead prayer and worship around the city and at our YWAM base

Partner with 12 new churches in 2020

Conduct weekly prayer and evangelism outreaches

Jake Ressler

"At YWAMva I started an authentic relationship with Christ which allowed me to see who I am through God's eyes and that He has a purpose for my life. Then as I studied the Bible more, I learned how to apply it practically everyday." - Jake Ressler


By August 17, 2019, we are raising $25,000 to support Reach the Beach with much needed pioneering-related expenses and mobilizing 75 part-time volunteers. Rally with to us make these initiatives happen: 

  • 30 new prayer and evangelism team members
  • 10 new people to engage their church with this cause (Church Advocates)
  • 35 new people to invite at least 3 people to give to this cause (Donor Advocates)
  • $15/month 
  • $30/month 
  • $60/month 
  • $100/month 

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