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Pioneer. Lead. Multiply.

“The purpose of the SOPL – School of Pioneering and Leadership is to equip YWAMers with the skills, knowledge, and character required to pioneer new works that complete the great commission.

Reading through the book of the Bible, “The Acts of the Apostles”, we are struck by the realization that it is not primarily about the 12 apostles who were with Jesus.

We learn from the parables of Jesus that the kingdom of God is always multiplying, always growing. So it’s not surprising that from the early days of the church- God was multiplying his apostles- sent ones- called of God to start new works and expand His Kingdom.

The University of the Nations School is for individuals and teams with apostolic calling and spiritual passion that want to impact the world for Jesus.  God will prepare each people as they refine their vision and gain the skills and knowledge to make their dreams for God reality.


This program includes the biblical foundation, philosophies and blessings that are associated with the preparation of launching a new ministry or ministry location.

SOPL Teaching Topics Include:

  • Vision, Values, and God’s Word
  • Character & calling of the Pioneer
  • Counting the Cost
  • Faith in Pioneering
  • Research and Project Development
  • Ministry
  • Leadership
  • Pastoral Care
  • General Operations
  • Church Planting Movements
  • Fundraising, Advertising, Recruiting, Marketing
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • BWAM-Business With A Mission
  • & More…

Who can Benefit?

YWAMers who have the heart of a pioneer and have the tenacity to face the challenge of starting new ministries!

  • YWAM Bases
  • New UofN Schools or Seminars
  • Ministry & Projects in new Locations
  • Mercy Ministries
  • Outreach Initiatives

The heart of the pioneer is found listening to God’s voice and putting the vision he receives into action. Students and staff of the SOPL have gone on to pioneer each of the examples above!

Lead with Purpose.

WHY WASTE TIME? Join our team as we step out in Epic Faith to pioneer new ministries that the Holy Spirit has inspired us to pursue.

Our mission’s founder, Loren Cunningham shares on his passion for sharing the love of Jesus to every person on the planet. Join the WAVE.
The book of Acts tells how the apostles, after being with Jesus went out to leader, pioneer & multiply the kingdom of God.