SOW Teaching Topics Include :

  • Biblical Basis for Worship
  • A Worshiper’s Calling & Character
  • Worship & Prayer
  • Worship & Culture
  • Worship & Holy Spirit
  • Musicianship
  • Songwriting
  • Inductive study of the Psalms
  • Practical Worship Leading & Team Dynamics
  • Worship & Missions
  • Jesus Week
  • …and more!


Sept 16 – Dec 18 , Lecture Phase

Jan 4 – Feb 26 , Outreach Phase


Full-Tuition Lecture $3,000

Outreach Fees $2,000 + airfare

*Scholarships available

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The School of Worship takes students deeper into a life of integrity, passion, and surrender through encountering God’s presence. We strive to open up students’ eyes to the awesome opportunity we have as believers to worship our Savior “in spirit and truth.” We see in John 4:23 that this is the type of worshiper the Father seeks, but what does it mean? How do we walk this out in our own lives? The School of Worship endeavors to help reveal the answers to these questions as well as to encourage different expressions, cultures & gifts of worship.

We aim to develop students in three different areas: Heart, Mind & Hands. We want to give them tools to develop both the physical and the spiritual aspects of worship. This is done through exploring a wide variety of topics regarding worship (our Identity as Worshipers, Leadership, Team Dynamics, Heart Issues, The Role of Worship in Missions…). Biblical foundation for worship is also incredibly important and our desire is to educate students to fully understand the history behind it and how specific principles apply to us today.

School of Worship will also facilitate worship-leading, musical skill-development workshops, individual song-writing, arts & creativity, reading and discussing 2-3 books related to worship, weekly journals, small groups, intercession, and and inductive study of the Psalms.

Our main goals in this school are :

  • To mature those who are involved in worship ministry to be the most effective they can be in their area of influence.
  • To provide hands-on training to worship leaders, in which we develop the worship leader’s understanding of how to lead a band through skillful musicianship; lead the congregation into worship; and lead by example in integrity and character.
  • To help give understanding of what worship is from a biblical point of view.
  • To provide a place to go deeper with God; to ignite and fan into flame our Passion for Jesus.
  • To help students to live a fully-integrated life that reflects Jesus in every way. The person they are on stage, or whatever ministry they are involved in needs to be consistent with the person they are in everyday life.
  • To create a culture of creativity where students feel free to express their love for God in many different ways.
  • On outreach, to take God’s love for the nations and passion for His glory to the mission field in whatever capacity we can (with or without music).

We are currently considering the following outreach locations :

Scotland … UK

Germany … Western Europe

Virginia Beach … US