Our next big event begins is Tuesday, Jan 14th to Tuesday Jan 21st and we REALLY need your prayers as we go to Pantanal, literally the biggest swamp in the world. We will leave the base on a bus and go as far as the bus can go and then we will go by truck and tractor hopefully all the way to the school in Sao Pedro de Joselandia. We know that is possible that the roads will not be passable even by tractor or truck, and we may need to hike in and carry all of our personal gear and supplies. This would be quite a challenge since we would be not only carrying in not only our personal gear, but also food for the week for a team of 40, medical supplies for a clinic, several large duffle bags full of clothes and shoes, boxes of Bibles, and also 35 water filters which easily way 50+ pounds each (filled with rocks and sand). We´ve spent a lot of time and energy under the leadership of Ruben´s staff in building these water filters. Our ywam team consists of 16 students, 4 leaders, and Girlani to translate. Tylan will not go with us but will fill an extremely important role in intercessory prayer. Ruben´s team of staff and volunteers make up the other half of the team. The school is 200km south of Cuiaba; the last 50km has no road and will take 2-5 hr. Much of the area has electricity on and off, but nobody has a clean water supply w/o a filter. After 2 nights at this central school, the team will divide and go in opposite directions to small unreached communities of Pimenteica and Colonia Sta Isabel where we will stay for 1 night in small schools. We´re told that the 6 kilometers to these schools is a 2 hr hike on a very good day, and at times we will need to go through water up to our mid-thigh or hip. In this time we´ll have to ditch out boots and go barefoot in the murky thick mud waters, still carrying supplies and water filters. For me personally, this trek causes me the most concern, and I have to battle fear which I know if not from God. I´m hoping we can come up with some form of transportation, but it´s not likely unless God provides something for us. We´re told the people are likely to be very afraid of us since they´ve never seen or heard North Americans. Cinthya reminds us that our primary job will be to show the love of Jesus to these people. After returning to the main school, we will have several days of ministry. On Sat the MD will join us for 2 days to do a clinic. Originally we thought the MD would be with us the entire trip, but he cannot do this. So, as the only medical person, I´m feeling extra concern. We´ve already encountered snakes in our rooms and a spider bigger than my hand on Girlani´s clothes. We´re also told to anticipate more heat and more mosquitoes than we´ve ever encountered, as well as alligators, snakes and who knows what else. Rubens says there is no cell phone access in these areas and the weather (rain) will be the determining factor in many things. We are very sincerely depending on you guys during this 8 day mission to uphold us before the Lord. I´ll be back in touch just as soon as possible upon return to at least just let you know we´re back at the base. Thank you for your faithful love and prayers.