Dear friends and family,

First thank you for your prayers! The team is doing very well with all that has happened thus far. We have had a bit of sickness beginning with me the leader, who never gets sick but hey, I am human too! I had a cold that am now recovering from. It was just rough preaching in dusty conditions when your throat doesn’t feel good. Am better now. Candace and Moriah have had some stomach issues but also seem to be recovering some as well.

We have hit the mid point and know that we need to keep our focus. We are presently at the Arusha base since Saturday. Sunday we went to a Assembly of God church with about 50 people with half being kids who really sing and worship. Jack led a devotional on Noah’s Ark, Moriah lead some singing, Josiah gave a testimony and I preached. Candace was feeling pretty rough yesterday morning so she didn’t lead anything but I did ask all the children to gather around her for prayer.

I will be attaching some pictures of our time in Engatani (Masai land) near Kilimanjaro base. It is not bad photography but the dust being kicked up in the air from the Masai dancing. It was a pretty amazing sight to behold 30 Masai kids dancing and bobbing around, some of our team trying to keep up and itwas getting on to 9:00 at night under a beautiful brilliant star studded sky. It was last Wednesday night when the Chief or leader of this Masai region gave his life to the Lord along with about 15 Masia children when I gave an invitation to recieve Jesus as Lord. Evidently, some had been praying for him for years. It was beautiful to behold. He invited our team out to his boma the next night for ministry. Most of the pictures come from that night.

We leave for Enkikeret (Masai land) near Arusha tomorrow and will be out to several areas there ministering and doing door to door ministry and prayer. We always seem to have opportunity to engage the children. Please pray for our team as this will be a stretch for us camping out in some fairly rugged conditions. We will be returning to the Arusha base next Sunday and then working with a soccer program that is reaching out to kids that they are discipling through sports. The soccer balls that we brought along have been a hit. I just wish we could have brought more.

All are doing well but we know we have to keep our focus on the Lord.

I will be sending another news update in about a week. Internet has been spotty but will do the best we can.