Our home is a tent and we carry it on our backs. We started at the top of Springer Mountain, GA on Saturday morning at 9:45. It was cloudy and windy. We had woken up a few hundred yards from the summit to a “bear bag”, where we store our food 15ft. in the air every night, with a small hole chewed in it. Some mouse or squirrel had climbed or dropped or flown! to our bag in the rain and we were actually more amazed than upset.

The day started with 4 miles of downhill. We met a lot of hikers and some “trail angels” providing some “trail magic.” Free food such as Gatorade, snacks, and even hot dogs an hamburgers. The sun had poked out during the hike and the day was beautiful.

Day 2 we came across a hiker crouch in the trail sleeping on her pack. We thought she was dead at first and we knew she needed help. Jacqui (Gunpowder) and I (Flint) helped carry her gear along with a couple other hikers to the next road crossing. Another hiker with our group walked with her and might have saved her life. Another team member that has been driving our support vehicle helped a young hiker who had all her food and her pot stolen. He resupplied her with food from the truck and prayed that someone would give her a pot. 15 minutes later another hiker from Germany that we had camped with came up requesting the extra pot he had be given to another hiker in need. “You’ll find one at the next campsite.” What an answer to prayers! Time to hit the trail again. We get to home over Blood Mountain today