a testimony of God preparing the way.

When we were prayed for at West End AG, Pastor Shane prayed that the Lord would prepare the way for the medical team, and prepare the hearts of those they will serve.

Well, in the Panama airport on our 4 hour layover Jerry got to talking to a lady in the waiting area. Her name was Erika and she a dentist in Santa Cruz. She is a Christian. She offered her help to get medicines through customs. She did the talking and of course with Gods saints praying back in Va the two heavy tubs of medicines got through at no cost.

AND she has a brother in Tarija who is a dentist. His name Daniel. Saturday he came to see the clinic with Dr Zapanta and offered his services. Yesterday he and an associate came and provided dental care all morning. That was God connecting people.

We worked Sunday morning figuring Jesus healed on the Sabbath!!!!!

Also I just have to say we had a glorious time with the Christian prisoners on Saturday at the lcoal prison. Dr Zapanta attended to 54 inmates after a worship time.

Blessings, gotta catch a plane back to Santa Cruz. Tommorrow we go the the Amazon.

Dale and Kathy