Dear Friends,

We are doing well. Right now we are at the YWAM base in Benguela. The Africa Cup of Nations football tournament began today in Angola.  Our team is here in Benguela preparing to do a week of ministry and outreach at the games this week. These games are already tainted by tragedy. On Friday, militants in the north of Angola opened fire on the bus carrying the football team from Toga. Several people were killed and more were injured. Angola is just beginning to get back on her feet after so many years of civil war and was eager to host the Africa Cup of Nations to show the world they are recovering. This incident was clearly a blow to the nation of Toga as well as Angola. If there was any doubt that there are still issues in Angola, this is certainly proof that God’s love is desperately needed here. Here in Benguela our life is totally different than in Sumbe. We as a team are learning how to lay down our rights and live with less. It has been extremely warm and some of us have a hard time sleeping in the huts we are staying in. Everything from the showers to the food has been a challenge but we are in good spirits and ready to tackle the week.

This past week Mary, Evelyn, Riaan and Camila preached in different churches. God used them to bless the people. We also were able to visit people in their homes and bring clothes and toys for the kids. Every family we visited was blessed and so happy to receive us in their homes. Some even offered us food and sodas. On Thursday after two long days of travel Lori came. It is such a blessing to have her with us. We really missed her and now we feel that our family is complete. On Friday we drove to Benguela and then on Saturday we had a service here on the base. Around 200 people came and the team sang a song and did a drama. It was amazing. Praise God Philip and Cleber are feeling better and everybody is doing well.

Please pray this week for:

– Cleber’s America visa (he has a visa appointment on Tuesday at the Embassy)

– Protection for the team’s time in Benguela

– Protection during our trip back at the end of the week. We will be stopping in another town for a service on our way home to Sumbe.

– For the supernatural in our lives as we minister to others

Thank you for your support. We really need it.

In Jesus name,