Discipleship Bible School

Next DBS is March 19, 2025


Why DBS?

A Journey in the Story of God

Being a Christian means to be identified as a follower of Christ. How better to know our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit than by committing to studying the Word?

Answer burning questions about the Bible

Have you ever wondered why we still have the Old Testament? Does the Law mean anything to us today? Why does the modern world need the Bible? Have you ever felt downright bored reading the Bible but feel like you should get something more from it? And why does God seem angry in the Old Testament but loving in the New Testament?

See the Big Picture

In Discipleship Bible School we want to help you to grow in your knowledge and understanding of God, His Word, and to answer the many questions that surround it. We will trace His redemptive plan for humanity and learn about His unchanging character and nature. In DBS we learn together through lectures and small group discussions. We invite speakers that teach on all 66 books of the Bible so you get the big picture. Our staff love God’s Word and Discipleship and they will help you grow in your understanding of the Bible so you can apply it to your life.

Read the whole Bible

By the time you finish DBS you will be able to say that you have read the whole Bible, cover to cover, learned to interpret its meaning, and how to apply it to your life, leading to lasting transformation! Come and let’s get to know God together through His Written Word!

DBS Teaching Topics Include:

  • Worldview & Origins
  • Pentateuch
  • Tribal Era
  • Life of David
  • Kings of Israel
  • Prophets
  • Post-Exilic Period
  • Jesus
  • Early Church
  • Life of Paul
  • Books of John